The Carts & Horses pub sits on a busy intersection of Maryland Stratford - hedged between competing roads and rail tracks. The perfect spot for a pub famous for its legendary rock history. The Iron Foundry, affectionally known by locals - is the birthplace of Iron Maiden. Here, Steve Harris hinted at bigger things with Gypsie Kiss and eventually - joined with  Ron Mathews, Terry Rance, Dave Sullivan and Paul Day - and in the summer of 1975, Iron Maiden was born.

During the pandemic, the pub was at risk of closing due to refurbishment requirements and subsequent financial losses. Some of the original Iron Maiden band members contributed to the redevelopment plan, with a focus on modernity and history.  A new 8-story apartment block was built at the rear of the property and the listed status of the pub was retained- allowing the East End of London to enjoy the legacy of Iron Maiden.

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